The Importance of Hiring a Child Support Lawyer

A child support lawyer can help you and your former spouse reach an agreement on the amount of money that each parent should pay for a child. They will also represent you in family court and if necessary, in arbitration or mediation.

The best Child Support lawyer in Phoenix Arizona knows the nuances of child support laws, procedures, and rules and will present your case in a way that is likely to gain approval by the family judge. They are familiar with local and federal laws and how to utilize them to the benefit of their client’s case.

They will also be able to explain any special circumstances regarding the children and your current situation. This can include if you are expecting another child, have a new job, or have been diagnosed with a severe illness.

Often, the child support payments can become a financial burden for a parent. This is why it is important to hire a child support lawyer as soon as possible in order to get help with your situation.

You can file a request for modification of your child support when you have experienced a significant change in your circumstances. These changes could be as simple as losing your job, or as serious as becoming ill or having a baby.

This type of modification can be an essential step in ensuring that you and your ex-spouse remain on good terms with each other and that your children are cared for as they should be.

A child support lawyer will also be able to explain if your situation may qualify for a reduced or modified payment plan. This is an especially helpful option if you are experiencing hardship or have had a major increase in income, and can be used to avoid having to re-establish a new child support case.

In most cases, the child support amount will stop when your child turns 18. This is a normal timeframe and the court has the power to set this date in the support order itself.

However, this is not always the case and there are many factors that the court considers when determining child support. They will look at your gross monthly incomes, the number of children in your household, parenting time and other factors.

They will then use a formula to calculate your child support obligation. This will take into account your gross monthly incomes, the number of your children and your standard deductions.

Alternatively, they will also take into consideration any non-income producing assets that you own, such as your meals, lodging, memberships, automobiles and fringe benefits.

You should never owe child support that you cannot afford to pay. This is an act of contempt of the court and can result in legal action like garnishment or a driver’s license suspension.

If you are unable to pay your child support or are having trouble getting the payments on time, contact a family lawyer in Phoenix Arizona as soon as possible. This can be an extremely stressful and difficult situation to handle.

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